Proton Company Limited (referred to as Proton) is a company specializing in investment, construction, management and development of wholesale markets in Vietnam.

With the mission of connecting and creating a value chain of agricultural products to serve consumers, creating a sustainable environment for the community, sustainably dealing with output of goods and agricultural products, contributing to improving competitiveness of Vietnamese products in the global market, we are gradually building a modernized wholesale market chain in Vietnam.

As an enterprise with extensive experience in developing and managing wholesale markets, such as Cau Muoi wholesale market, Thu Duc wholesale market, Hoc Mon wholesale market in Ho Chi Minh City, we have expertise in this field. Our partners are large wholesale market traders, farmlands, cultivated regions, and many business units providing special services for wholesale markets both domestically and internationally.

We are willing to cooperate with domestic and foreign organizations and individuals to build a chain of wholesale markets and ancillary services for the market, contributing to improving the quality of products and services at the wholesale market which, in turn, bringing many benefits to consumers, promoting sustainable agricultural economic development.

• Member of the World Union of Wholesale Markets ( with 46 member states, and over 3,000 active wholesale markets in active).

• National association member of Vietnam Cooperative Alliance.


Become intensive enterprises in the field of construction and development of infrastructure networks and services leading wholesale markets in Vietnam and internationally;

Development projects based on a completely new and advanced model, a harmonious combination between traditional values and modern;

Application of new processes & technologies (especially digital technology) in planning, design, construction and operation management of wholesale markets.


Building a modern and sustainable wholesale market ecosystem in Vietnam & other countries;

Building and developing the role and position of the wholesale system;

Enhance the value chain of goods and the value chain of sustainable agricultural products;

Close the value chain of goods and services, increase the competitive strength of the domestic market;

Contributing to socio-economic development, creating a sustainable development environment for future generations.


Business and project development need to associate with community development, social responsibility, environmental protection and other sustainable values;

Creating jobs for many people in different classes and ages, especially for simple workers & disabled workers in the locality.


Top quality
Optimal value
Green product
Enhancing connectivity
Top quality

We believe that quality is always the measure of success. Proton always uphold top quality from design, construction to handover, as well as the associated services of the wholesale market.

Optimal value

We are committed to delivering superior value to everyone at the top-end of the supply chain, from manufacturers, merchants, buyers, and more.


Our commitment to the values of sustainable communities, bringing environmental and development opportunities for current generation and the future.

Green product

We understand that health is life’s most precious gift. Therefore, we are always oriented development projects and their products associated with environmental protection and food safety, to protect the health of consumers.

Enhancing connectivity

We provide networking opportunities for our partners within Proton’s ecosystem, from merchants of wholesale market, farmlands, cultivated regions, through to many business units providing specialized services, distribution units, consumption units, etc. locally and abroad.



Since our establishment, Proton always promote the message “Connecting people – Sharing prosperity”. Proton company has been gradually asserting its brand as a reputable and successful Wholesale Market developer in Vietnam. Vietnam, with many projects stretching from North to South of Vietnam.

July 2015

Offically establishment of Proton Co., Ltd.

Jan 2016

Become a member of World Union of Wholesale Markets (WUWM).

May 2016

Become a national association member of Vietnam Cooperative Union.

Nov 2016

Groundbreaking ceremony of Dau Giay Agri-Food Wholesale Market – Phase I.


Completion of Dau Giay Agri-Food Wholesale Market – Phase I.