Quay lại danh sách dự án
  • Vị trí Vị trí / Location

    :Da Nang, Vietnam

  • Loại hình dự án Loại hình dự án / Project type

    :Wholesale market of agricultural products and seafood

  • Tổng diện tích Tổng diện tích / Area

    :30.9 hectares

  • Hệ thống tiện ích Hệ thống tiện ích / Facilities

    :Agricultural products pavilions; Preliminary processing area; Seafood market; Meat Market

  • Ngày khởi công Ngày khởi công / Start date

    :Expected in Q.3/2023

  • Ngày hoàn thiện Ngày hoàn thiện / Completion date

    :Expected in Q.3/2025

  • Đối tác Đối tác / Partner


  • Link website dự án Website


Mô tả dự án / Project description

Located in Da nang – an economic and cultural center of Vietnam, playing a big role in promoting socio-economic development in the central region of Vietnam and Tay Nguyen province, Da Nang wholesale market will be a busy commercial and logistical transaction center not only for Da Nang, but also for the neighbouring region and the entire country, promoting exports of Vietnamese goods to the world.

Once in operation, the market will become an international destination for trade, collaboration and tourism of the region. Moreover, it will form an effective on-site export channel through tourism, sightseeing, cuisine, shopping, etc. contributing to unleashing the full potential of Da Nang city.

The wholesale market will be developed according to a modernized model, harmoniously combining traditional and modern values. Designing with well-ventilated pavilions, low construction density, and extensive transportation infrastructure, Da Nang wholesale market will be an attractive destination for connecting goods, merchants, farmers, customers, and workers.