Tando CIC

Tan Do Investment and Construction Joint Stock Company is a reputable enterprise, operating in the field of infrastructure investment in industrial real-estate, residential & service buildings; exploiting, processing and supplying freshwater; drainage and sewage processing; installing water system, heat and air condition; installing electric power system, etc.

Centro Agroalimentare Roma

Centro Agroalimentare Roma, Italy (CAR)one of the most important European structures for the marketing of fruit, vegetables and fish.
Thanks to its enviable position and the centralization of supply and demand that characterize the input and output of products and services, the CAR represents a large logistics hub, organized, technologically advanced and computerized, capable of giving consistency to a real process of integration between production, trade, distribution, export, logistics and service companies.

Phuc Khang Corporation

Phuc Khang is a reputable investor in the real-estate industry, specializing in building green projects in Ho Chi Minh City and neighboring provinces.
Investor Phuc Khang also develops many successful projects, such as Rome Diamond Lotus, Diamond Lotus Riverside, Diamond Lotus Lake View, Lotus village Vietnam, etc.


Mercasa is a public entity under the Spanish General State Administration.
Mercasa provides public services for the entire food chain, particularly within the wholesale fresh food sector through Red de Mercas, but also for agriculture and fisheries to assist origin-based wholesale commercialization, the retail trade in all formats, the independent and organized catering industry and social food service companies.


SIMAB, SA is a Public Company that provides management, design, installation, sizing, revitalization and modernization services of supply and municipal markets.
SIMAB, SA is the majority shareholder of the Supply Market of the Lisbon Region (MARL), the Braga Region Supply Market (MARB), the Évora Region Supply Market (MARE) and the Faro Supply Market (MARF).

Seoul Agro-Fisheries & Food Corporation

A long-standing market development enterprise in Korea, established in 1967 Korea Agro-Fisheries and Food Trading Corporation (aT) is one of the pillars of the Korean food supply chain.